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Sunday, March 25, 2007

This is Not a Problem

People remain fascinated by the problem of multiple positions, of depth charts that spread a player over all the outfield and half the infield. It's not a problem. The BCL's position is simple.

1) If we can find an excuse to put a DH at a position, we do so. There's always an excuse.

2) We almost always put a position player at the position at which he is playing * most of the time* at the start of the season.

3) But sometimes we make exceptions to Rule 2. For instance, some league members are convinced Victor Martinez is going to become a first basemen this year. It's not what my sources say, but I'm into light preparation. I check to the power. But all this will become clear once play begins. If Martinez is out there at 1b most of the time, then he is a first basemen. But if in the first ten games, he DH's 8 times and has one start each at C and 1b, then I say he's a catcher since we need all the help we can get at that position, at least in terms of quality hitters.

When preparing position charts, you should always go a couple extra deep, so adjusting is no big problem. If Martinez goes to first: Drop Youklis, add Zaun.

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