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Friday, March 23, 2007

The Old Mailbag

The BCL has one basic principle. The more players are eligible at positions, the better life will be when we have 12 drafting. So what I propose -- unless anyone objects at which point we vote the question -- is this:

1) Clemens is eligible for drafting but, as Mandingo suggested, you are taking a risk in that if he goes NL you get *nothing.*

2) Hafner and Thomas are draftable at 1B. Same thing for Piazza at catcher. In the event of a meteor strike, they could end up having to take the field. We'll call it the "meteor strike" rule.

3) I didn't realize there was about dispute about Martinez at catcher. But if they throw him out there at 1B a couple of times during the first weeks of the season and if he's not listed on the depth chart at catcher, then we'll have to talk. (Late add: My mlb.com depth chart shows him as Cleveland's starting catcher.)

4) Vidro played 107 games at 2B last year. That's good enough for me. I have no idea why the Mariners aren't planning on giving Broussard 400 ABs.

5) I read in the Chron this morning that Papelbon came back to Jesus and wants to be the closer again. That's how he's start the season. End of story.

To reiterate: With 12 drafting, it is definitely going to be the Season of the Bitch at some positions. I don't want to make it any harder than it already is. The Chi-Chi's say that as far they were concerned their draft last year was like one long outtake from "Oz". They've been out in the Yard lifting, rain or shine, and they want revenge.


mackdoggy said...

We're going to be drafting 24 "catchers" We add Piazza to the list to have more and suddenly we want to take Martinez out of the mix. Do we not have enough first basemen???

....J.Michael Robertson said...

On the team depth charts at MLB.com, Martinez is presented as the Indian's numbah one catcher. Am I missing something?

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