We are a fantasy baseball league whose draft is scheduled for April 14. Ten men enter (or nine or eight), and one man leaves.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Snake Swallows Bunnies

I can't believe I'm the first guy in the league -- and to our shame we are all guys (though are we all manly in our guyness?[even the experts disagree]) -- to choose Snakes in a Plane as a team name. Can't say it's helped the team much, but there's a natural "reorientation shock" not unlike how you must feel after "sexual reassignment" surgery so I expect to start some serious slithering soon.

Brother Swift has turned to the Marfa Dogs. My understanding is that it's a sparkling movie short about dogs in the town of Marfa, which is Texas.

The Snakes will bite the Dogs on the butt.


Saturday, April 22, 2006

The BCL Gets Serious

The BCL is not bilingual; his simul-lingual, meaning sometimes he seems to be speaking English and Irony at the same time. But now I'm serious. I would -- probably will -- despise it when Barry Bonds passes Hank Aaron in career home runs because I am old enough and Southern enough and liberal enough to admire how Hank Aaron handled the passing of Ruth amidst the hate and derision. I'm still looking for a reason to admire Barry Bonds for anything.

That said, I am eager for him to pass Babe Ruth so the penumbra of racism around Bonds and the home run record will be at least a trifle dissipated. I don't know if anyone other than Junior Nazis for Bush -- can't be more than 35 million of those -- care about/have noticed that it's another Whitey going down down down when Bonds gets 715. Bonds seems to think it's an issue, or he chooses to appear to think so to divert attention from his own faults and flaws.

I want to see the Ruth/white boy congery off the table so we can focus all our attention on more important things: Bonds is a boor, Aaron is really a bit of a hero and even though who holds certain records can't matter much it does matter some. But not because of a fat white man. You're thinking of Christmas.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Methinks the Wieder Doth Protest Too Much

He stands astride the league like a Colossus (beneath Moore who stands astride the world). His voice falls on us down below like rain from a high cloud.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tomorrow We Get Standings

And then we can have opinions on who is likely to cash checks. Hard to say anything this early. Colon has a mystery injury. Johnson was certainly hammered last time out. Halladay has a twinge in his forearm, but perhaps someone is obscuring the truth. Schilling? An animal but you have to hold your nose, politically speaking to own him.

Which I did last year. My good angel -- the one who is a member of Moveon. org. didn't seem to like it.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Why the BCL Drafted His Pitching as He Did

What do they say about generals who make the mistake of fighting the last war?

Not me.

Because last year I bought Schilling for big bucks (and he went down) and because I then tried to buy other "lightly" -- or formerly as in recently -- injured pitchers for small bucks (Lilly and Piniero/so soon so feeble feeble feeble) this year I decided to buy second tier pitchers at the going rate, thus staying away from the dangerous extremes. And that's what I did. I bought Conteras, Clement and Garcia at more or less full price, but I don't think of any of them as damaged goods.

If I'm wrong, tell me.

And I bought Sabbathia for fifty cents because he's a second/third tier pitcher and.... Of course, he's hurt. Same mistake as last year. And as all my many fans will recall I bought Kenny Rogers for $2.50, which I think is fifty cents too much, though I was reasonably certain everyone except Brad thought it was $2.25 too much.

Last year I spent six or was it seven bucks on relief pitching. This year I spent less than half that, buying all of Detroit's saves (I hope) by getting Jones and Rodney. And that sums up my pitching draft.

Whatever else my approach was, it was different.

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