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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Why is Moore Ahead?

This is just one of a series of "think pieces" done by the BCL on the principle that journalism is the "first draft of history." Events will prove or disprove the wisdom of my comments. But the BCL is no slave to wisdom!

First, the hitting side: I think we will all agree that Peter seems to have gotten very very lucky in drafting Casey Blake, who is hitting nearly .400. Who woulda thunk it? Nobody. Not, I'm guessing, even Peter. Next we have his drafting of Victor Martinez. Everyone in the blue world said Martinez was by far the best catcher. Only Peter had the man-sized balls, the massive testosterone-crammed globes, to pay the price for the best. Here is not luck but courage. And finally we have Jim Thome, he of the 12 dingers. If Thome is healthy he will hit: end of story. Peter's drafting of him represents a third category: faith. No question about the ability, just about the power of the flesh to endure.

Second, pitching side. What one is struck by most is the fact that even without the momentarily inconvenienced Rich Harden, Peter continues to do well because he picked some classic workhorse types -- Millwood, Bonderman, Moyer -- who are going to go out there and give you something, some K's in the case of losses, some innings (and therefore wins) even if the K's aren't there and the ERA is not stellar. He has created a foundation, either for excellence or for, at minimum, adequacy And then he paid far too much for Papelbon who has done far more so far than he should, meaning that Peter did not pay far too much at all.

You know sometimes it seems that Peter is just pulling his draft picks out of his ass. But this time around -- with the exception of Blake -- it would seem he had carefully filed his deceptively shit-flecked strategy away there beforehand.

Kudos. Hats off to Peter.

Next week: The Persecution and Assassination of Bradley X. Swift as Performed by the Team Drafted by Him Now Resident at the Asylum of Last Place Under the Direction of the Marquis de BCL

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mackdoggy said...

Well that would be 13 home runs for Mr. Thome now.
I think that this is just a tribute to my oft-derided stategy of looking at the stats the day before and picking the guys hitting the best.

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