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Monday, May 15, 2006


The following is a verbatim lift from The Bemusement Park, a blog by Mark Hasty, a midwestern protestant minister and Big 10 devotee who is entertaining and likable despite either of those qualities. I recommend taking a look now and then. In this case, he makes a point regarding the Bonds v. Ruth roil-a-thon that is remarkable both for it's originality and perceptiveness:

"I’m sure I’m alone in this, but I am so anxious for Barry Bonds to pass Babe Ruth. I simply refuse to believe that the vaunted Babe wouldn’t have done steroids if they’d been available. I wouldn’t want Bonds as my next-door neighbor, but his perpetual under-the-bussing is growing tedious. One of the reasons I hate baseball is precisely because I’m always being told that I’m 50 years too young to have seen its best player. If baseball can’t be as good as it was then, why care about it now?"

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