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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

No, Fuck You

Now begins my most favorite league activity, that is, when I unilaterally subsitute really good players from your backups for really bad players at which point some of you (but not all of you) turn purple with rage and I yell, "Barney, Barney!" and enjoy it very much.

I pulled A.J. Burnett from Jeffrey's rotation and put in Robertson (the Detroit one) and that's why Jeffrey is now ahead of me. I understand that many of you -- like the Wife of Bath -- prize sovereignty above all else, and when it comes to players that are only marginally better or, at the end of the season, when you are betting on who will have the best September, I agree. But if one player is strikingly and indisputably superior I will, at least till August 1, make the substitution so that each morning -- or once a week or on certain Catholic feast days or whenever you look at the standings -- you will be looking at an approximation of what they actually are.

Also, my presumptuous actions should prepare you for some yet another marker of the BCL's Reich I. If anyone decided to sandbag to keep a hated rival from winning, I would not allow it! Think back to the darkest days of the Koppy era, when -- if the moral baseline on which society based its activities was the Satriale Pork Store -- Michael Koppy would have been floating face down in some convenient body of water. Some league member could have figured that if he pulled his five best players and put in five backups, that action could have swung the final standings against Koppy.

That would have been a little too much real-world. So the BCL will continue to make some moves. On August 1 if you don't like them I will take them back. But if anyone tries anything funny on September 1 when rosters are set:

Barney, bar the door.


mackdoggy said...

Fortunately, I believe that the "hated rival" era ended when Koppy rode off into the sunset, cursing as he pedalled.

Unless there's more going on here than I see.

And as a point of clarification, I did my own substitutions Lowell for Boone (what was I thinking when I drafted Booney) and Hendrickson for Lopez (Oh shit, I put in a Devil Ray. I'm doomed)

mackdoggy said...

Is it just you and me and Bob?

....J.Michael Robertson said...

If you mean posting, Chi Chi has posted once. As far as reading, who knows. These boys is shy.

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