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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pitching? I don't need no stinkin' pitching.

He's In there Pitching For Us^ - NARA - 534109
He's In there Pitching For Us^ - NARA - 534109 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Bro Corwin makes the point that Tier One pitching is down in the AL this year. Question is will that drive up the value of Tier Two pitching?? Tier 1.5??

I believe the late great Jeffrey Pressman most loudly celebrated the tier notion - here's a collection of players all about the same value. I will not bid early on those in this pool of talent, hoping to get a bargain when the bin is almost empty. But then one may end up in a bidding war with someone playing the same strategy, when only one player in a particular tier is left and the tier below is garbage.

Deep thoughts, right?


KB said...

I sit and watch as tiers go by.

Speaking of deep thoughts, how about creating a list of available players at each position before the Draft Day? And then providing that list to everybody via this site or email on Saturday the 18th. Of course that would require someone to do the listing. A commissioner, perhaps. Would that go against the spirit of the league?

....J.Michael Robertson said...

BCL will put his shoulder to the wheel and put out tentative position lists around a week before the draft. To recall the basic premise as one might do during the first episode of the new season of a beloved sitcom, I remind that each player has an assigned position at which he (and someday Lilith willing she) can be drafted, though at DH, and strong hitter and weak hitter in backup round this changes somewhat.

We do not do multiple positions. As those of you who have served the legion from the dark forests of Germanium to the planes of Cannae recall, in some instances we - in a thoroughly democratic way - may decide to fudge a little, usually when it comes to catcher, since decent hitting at catcher is at a premium.

The BCL would much appreciate it if senior league members would 1) reduce their moments to a minimum for the duration and 2) raise their concerns about which players should be placed where at the earliest date convenient. It looks like a 10-man draft this year - Corwin will be locked out if he shows up late - so the last two or three positions on our draft lists will be crucial.

Meanwhile, we await with great curiosity to discover is Pablo's bat is going to be half as loud as his mouth.

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