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Friday, February 27, 2015

Time to Start Writing Down All Those Sports Metaphors Applied to Politics. (Pat. It's a Column!)

Rafael Palmeiro in mid swing, Spring Training ...
Rafael Palmeiro in mid swing, Spring Training 2005. Photo by Googie Man 19:33, 18 June 2005 . . Googie man . . 774×615 (822 KB) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From Charlie Cook

Gov. Walker now has an opportunity that long-shot presidential hopefuls can only dream of: He is on the verge of breaking through to front-runner status. He is going to be asked thousands of questions—some fair, some not, some awkwardly or vaguely worded, others that could contain a trap. Like a baseball batter, he can take pitches that are high and inside, or he can swing at them. It's what separates the major-leaguers from the wannabes.

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