We are a fantasy baseball league whose draft is scheduled for April 14. Ten men enter (or nine or eight), and one man leaves.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Redundant I

After conferring with his brain trust, the BCL has come to the following decision. Like all the BCL’s decisions, it can be reversed by a majority vote of league members.

The 70 starting pitchers from which we will draft will consist of the May 1 projected rotations; that is, we will rely on the mlb.com projection of what the starting rotations will be as soon as those pitchers on the DL but suffering from minor injuries have returned. For example, in the case of the A’s, Loaiza is projected to return to the rotation soon. Even though Gaudin is starting in his place, Gaudin will be draftable as a reliever. In the case of the Angels, Jered Weaver and Colon are projected to return in a week or two. The “draftable” Angels rotation will be Lackey, Santana, Escobar, Weave and Colon. Joe Saunders and Moseley will be draftable as relievers. The same will be true in the case of the Yankee rotation (Wang is the starter; Rasner is draftable as a reliever) and the Indians (Lee is the starter; Carmona will be draftable as a reliever.) Same thing for Thomson will the Jays (Towers is his sub),

If the BCL learns that some of these injuries are more serious than they now appear, we may declare certain of these subs as starters. In the case of a more serious injury like that of Kenny Rogers. Rogers is draftable as a starter as is his sub, somebody named Durbin.

This adds up to 71 starters. Add Clemens and we have 72. I suggest we could add Garza of the Twins and Hughes of the Yanks even though they are in the minors.


More to come on position players later in the week.

The bcl


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