We are a fantasy baseball league whose draft is scheduled for April 14. Ten men enter (or nine or eight), and one man leaves.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Digital drafting

What do we think, come Saturday, the fourteenth of April, of a draftee, positioned neighborhly around Mr. Moore's dining room table, keeping score of each trenchant move, not with pen and paper, or calculator, but a laptop? An affront to tradition? To good sportsmanship? To Berkeley aesthetics? Actually, Peter, do you have WiFi in the house? That, I can see, could create a certain unfair advantage for those with laptops over those without. I am game to bring mine if all agree the computer doesn't create an uneven playing field. Or, of course, glad to leave it at home. Shall we discuss?


....J.Michael Robertson said...

I don't think a laptop is an unfair advantage since for many purposes paper is more manageable and convenient. I concede I have thought about going the spreadsheet route.... I think it would be fine.

Peter Moore said...

We do have wireless but I'm afraid I can't let you have the password.

First there is the space issue. Then there is the time issue. I fear the unfettered use of the internet will drag things out unbearably as each player thrown out will be subject to "Wait a second while I call up the stats"

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Cider House Rules. It's Peter's cider house.

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