We are a fantasy baseball league whose draft is scheduled for April 14. Ten men enter (or nine or eight), and one man leaves.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Time to Start the Conversation about Draft Day

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Let's use the mighty blog to settle disputes before the actual Great Day itself -- or at least to frame the disputes so we can scream and yell more efficiently. Who qualifies at which positions can be a puzzle. For our "newbies," it's worth pointing out that we assign players to the position they are most likely to occupy this year. Thus, Zobrist -- on whom I was counting as a top second baseman -- has started his first three games in right filed and apparently will continue there.

And, of course, we will need to settle on a field position for DHs, our usual practice.

Looks like it should be a good draft. We've lost Wieder but perhaps on the third day he will rise again -- pardon me, I'm used to drafting on Easter. I have Skyped with Berger, and Peter is ready to put Berger up on his mighty Mac laptop like an outtake from 1984.

Looks good. Questions?

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